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The Full Story

Affordable Mr Buffalo is a 200 acre family-owned and operated business since 1988. We know and serve their customers with personal care and advice, provide excellent service, and top-quality turf.

“Getting the right advice will provide the right turf for years to come.”

Affordable Mr. Buffalo is a licensed grower and supplier of top-quality turf varieties, including a range of Soft Leaf Buffalos, Couches & Kikuyu, and has received a license to grow the FIRST Australian native turf, “Nara” - ‘Australia’s Most Beautiful Lawn.’ and also "Empire Zoysia". Their other top-quality turf varieties include Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo, Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo, Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo & Sir Walter Buffalo which are all evergreen, low maintenance, shade tolerant, and grow in full sun as well. Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo is very good for shady areas and can grow in full sun as well. The Affordable Mr. Buffalo has a range of Couches such as Wintergreen Couch and Greenlees Park Couch for a lovely-manicured look or a low-maintenance lawn. The choice is yours.

The Affordable Mr. Buffalo provides professional service to make the job easier for you, which include turf laying services and forklift placement of palletised turf, placing turf as close as possible to your laying site. Affordable Mr. Buffalo’s team will work with you to make sure that the turf delivered is cut fresh from their paddocks the same day or day before delivery.

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Our Certifications

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