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Hi, we supply
® Buffalo Turf to the Hunter and Newcastle area.

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Get the softest of summer feelings underfoot

Sapphire® Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn has all the benefits of the other high-performance Soft Leaf Buffalo grass, such as; needing less water, deep roots, greener in winter, a good sun or shade lawn and hard wearing. However, Sapphire® Buffalo Turf has the added benefit of a finer texture and deep green colour.

Getting your new premium Turf Lawn is as easy as 123!

  1. Get your lawn measurements

  2. Select and buy Sapphire Buffalo Turf

  3. Arrange for Turf delivery/installation


​Sapphire® is Australia’s ‘Number 1’ Buffalo for shade tolerance.

  • High shade tolerance

  • Low maintenance

  • High wear tolerance

  • Excellent winter-green colour

  • Broad folding leaves deliver a strong fine, soft to touch lawn

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Sapphire® Soft Leaf Buffalo

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Shade Tolerance

Very High

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Water Requirement


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Wear Tolerance


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1.Great! Now you have chosen your Turf let's get

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Let's now purchase your new Sapphire® Turf lawn.

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3. Congratulations!
Now, let's get your new turf delivered /installed.

Our friendly Affordable Mr. Buffalo Team will be in touch to organise your delivery and if you require the installation service.

If you need to get in touch with the Team please call on

1300 283 325

For information on Turf installations click here!

Sapphire Buffalo® is an Australian bred fine leaf textured turf with very high shade tolerance, unbeatable softness and qualities that suit a tough climate and wear and tear. With the ultimate luxury feel, Sapphire Buffalo requires less mowing is hard-wearing as well as being drought tolerant.

When comfort is a top priority, along with less maintenance then any homeowner who loves a good-looking lawn can’t go past Sapphire Buffalo.

There are a variety of reasons home-owners choose Sapphire Buffalo for their lawn:

  • Great for shady areas

  • Copes with tough climate

  • Hard-wearing and low maintenance

  • Beautiful deep-green colour

1. Great for shady areas

Sapphire buffalo has great shade tolerance.

Independent research has found that Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo, in 70% shade cover, maintains quality and growth and outperforms other Buffalo varieties such as Shademaster, Sir Walter, Kings Pride and Matilda.


Why choose a Sapphire® Buffalo Lawn?

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