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Turf Preparation & Installation

Helping you get the most out of your new lawn

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When preparing to lay your new lawn good site and soil prep ensures a good result BUT great site and soil prep ensures a GREAT RESULT – the importance of preparing the site cannot be overemphasised.

For optimum growth your new lawn needs four things, three of which are obtained from the soil:

  • Sunlight

  • Air

  • Water

  • Nutrients

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Turf Preparation & Installation

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Lawn Preparation and Installation- Affordable Mr Buffalo
​Preparations costs depend on:
  • the amount of work required at the site (such as weed and debris removal)

  • ability to access the site

  • levelling and draining requirements

  • irrigation requirements

  • additional soil needs

01  DIY Turf Preparation   

There are a few tools you need to make the process fun and easy.

There are a few tools you need to make the process fun and easy.

The importance of preparing the site for your new lawn can never be overemphasised.

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If you are preparing your yard yourself, first make sure you eliminate all existing weeds, grasses, and rock debris.

To avoid drainage issues, ensure the soil gradient slopes away from paths and buildings.

When preparing, be sure your soil type is suitable for your new lawn and ensure you have enough soil – at least 50mm to 100mm deep – before laying.

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02 What Equipment Will You need?

General equipment needed.

  • Hoe or sprayer– Before installing you will need a hoe or sprayer to eliminate all existing weeds and grasses.


  • Wheelbarrow and shovel– A wheelbarrow and shovel will help remove old lawn and debris.

  • Rake and roller– To ensure a smooth even soil site use a rake and roller to prepare the site.

  • Spirit level– Also, use a spirit level to ensure the gradient of the soil is sloping away from paths and buildings.

03Measuring Your Lawn

Take time to measure correctly.

When buying your new lawn use our simple guide to calculate the amount of  turf rolls  you need to cover a specified area – but here are some easy methods to follow.

Measuring turf Lawn - Affordable Mr Buffalo

04 How to Lay Turf

Laying turf Lawn - Affordable Mr Buffalo

Simple tips to make laying easier.

It is essential to lay your new lawn as soon as it arrives.

First lightly moisten the soil and then begin installing following the longest straight line such as a fence or paver.

Lay turf in a brick pattern (stagger joins) ensuring that each join is tightly bound together with no overlapping. To trim corners use a shovel or large sharp knife. Once your new lawn is completely laid, use a roller to ensure soil to turf contact.

05 Caring for Your New Turf

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Turf Lawn care- Affordable Mr Buffalo

Tips to get the best out of your lawn

It is essential you undertake measures to keep your new lawn healthy.

The highest requirement for watering a new lawn is in the first week.

Watering your new lawn can then be reduced as the following week’s progress and the root system has established.

New lawns which are laid during the heat of summer require the most water – up to 4 times a day in the first week.

In warmer weather (high 20°s to early 30°s Celsius) new lawn needs to be watered less frequently – 3 times a day.

If laid in cooler weather the new lawn requires less water again – as low as 1 – 2 watering’s a day

During cool rainy weather, no extra watering of the new lawn is required in addition to what it is already being naturally received from the rain. 

If you lay your new lawn in cooler conditions – just remember it will take a bit longer to establish – so be patient!

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