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Measuring your lawn

Getting the right measurements are crucial to installing your new lawn.

Measuring turf Lawn - Affordable Mr Buffalo
Square turf measuring- Affordable Mr Buffalo
Circle-turf -measuring - Affordable Mr Buffalo
Triangle-Turf measuring- Affordable Mr Buffalo
Shapes-turf lawn measuring- Affordable Mr Buffalo

When buying your new lawn use our simple guide to calculate how much you will need.

We can help you also assist you in helping calculate the amount of rolls or slabs you need to cover a specified area – but here are some easy methods to follow.

Square and Rectangle. Calculating the area for a square or rectangle is very simple. Get the overall width and the overall length of the square or rectangle, multiply the two and the result is the area for the square or rectangle.  For example, a Square: 6m (wide) x 6m (length) = 36m2  For example, a Rectangle: 6m (wide) x 4m (length) = 24m2

Circle. To calculate the amount of lawn you need in square metres (m2), measure the radius of the circle and multiple the (radius x radius) x 3.14. For example, radius of 5m (5 x 5) x 3.14 = 78.5m2



Triangle. Calculating the area for a triangle is done by getting the overall width and the overall length of the triangle, multiply the two and divide by half and the result is the area for the triangle.

Shapes. The area of a shape can be determined by simply breaking the shape into a set of squares, rectangles or triangles. Find the individual area and add them to give you the total area of the shape.


ALWAYS remember to order extra! For simple areas like a rectangle, order 5% extra. For more complex irregular areas, order 10% extra. This will allow for any slight miscalculations and also the odd roll or slab in poor condition that you sometimes get. It’s better to have some turf left over than run out.

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