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Hi, we supply Sir Walter Buffalo Turf to the Hunter and Newcastle area.

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A coarse-textured buffalograss that is excellent in high and low-humidity areas but grows best at moderate temperatures between 20°C and 30°C. It survives normal frosts under Australian conditions and is often selected for its winter colour retention - it does not turn purple or become straw-coloured at lower temperatures. 

Sir Walter buffalo can withstand shading under trees and has a deep root system with less leaf water-loss compared with some other "soft-leaf" buffalograsses. Sir Walter buffalo is fast growing, including vertical growth, and requires routine mowing to keep the variety in check..

Getting your new premium Turf Lawn is as easy as 123!

  1. Get your lawn measurements

  2. Select and buy your Turf

  3. Arrange for Turf delivery/installation

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Sir Walter Buffalo

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1.Great! Now you have chosen your Turf let's get

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Let's now purchase your new Sir Walter  Buffalo Turf lawn.

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3. Congratulations!
Now, let's get your new turf delivered /installed.

Our friendly Affordable Mr. Buffalo Team will be in touch to organise your delivery and if you require the installation service.

If you need to get in touch with the Team please call on

1300 283 325

For information on Turf installations click here!

Buffalo lawns are one of the most common grasses on the market that look luscious, soft, green and are hard wearing as well as offer great shade tolerance.

As a warm-season grass, they are known for being distinctly green in colour, self-repairing and less invasive to garden edging compared to Couch or Kikuyu grasses.

Most Buffalo grasses are also low in maintenance and require minimum water, mowing and fertiliser.

As Buffalo grasses have a deep-rooted system, they can also be efficient water users – staying green longer in dry conditions.

Why choose Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn?

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What Turf Types are Available?

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