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Hi, let me introduce,
Nara™ Native Zoysia Turf.

Nara™ Zoysia is the Number 1 Aussie native choice for lower maintenance, high drought, salt and wear tolerance as well as good weed resistance. The high-performing, fine-leaf turf makes Nara grass suited to the homeowner who is looking for the benefits of a lush, vibrant green lawn in summer and while dormant in winter still maintains its colour well.

Getting your new premium Turf Lawn is as easy as 123!

  1. Get your lawn measurements

  2. Select and buy your Turf

  3. Arrange for Turf delivery/installation

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  • Very high drought tolerance

  • Very low maintenance – less mowing, fertiliser and watering

  • High wear tolerance

  • Fine leaf textured making it soft to touch and under foot

  • Excellent winter colour

  • High salt tolerance

  • Great at out-competing weeds

  • Natural resistance to pests and diseases

  • Produces low seed head (common irritant to people with allergies)

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Nara™ ZoysiaTurf 

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Shade Tolerance


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Very Low

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Water Requirement


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Wear Tolerance


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1.Great! Now you have chosen your Turf let's get

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Let's now purchase your new Nara Zoysia Turf lawn.

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3. Congratulations!
Now, let's get your new turf delivered /installed.

Our friendly Affordable Mr. Buffalo Team will be in touch to organise your delivery and if you require the installation service.

If you need to get in touch with the Team please call on

1300 283 325

For information on Turf installations click here!

Nara Native Zoysia is Australia’s first native lawn variety that holds-up under the toughest of climates and is well-suited to all areas across the country. It is a low maintenance lawn that requires less mowing, edging and fertilising compared to other varieties such as Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu. Nara Zoysia’s deep-rooted characteristics offer it outstanding drought tolerance and water efficiency as well as a high wear tolerance in both full sun and semi-shade. Its deep roots also mean it is superb for erosion control and for laying on sloping sites.

Why choose a Nara Native Zoysia Lawn?

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Maintenance: Nara zoysia has up to 60% less ongoing maintenance than Couch or Kikuyu.

Water efficiency: Nara Zoysia is an efficient water user and highly drought tolerant – an ideal choice for areas of low rainfall or council restrictions.

Wear tolerance: Nara Zoysia’s deep rooted system means it copes well under tough wearing conditions.

Shade tolerance: Nara Zoysia has 40% to 50% shade tolerance – higher than Couch and Kikuyu.

Weed resistance: Nara Zoysia’s dense sward means weed invasion is low.



What Features Do you Need in a Turf Variety?


What Turf Types are Available?


Turf Preparation and Installation


What Turf Types are Available?

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