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Quality, value for money, good customer service, sound professional advice, and honest dealings


(1300 28 33 25)

Buffalo growing at one of Affordable Mr Buffalo's farms

Turf Supplies for the Newcastle Area

Family owned and operated business since 1988
We at Affordable Mr Buffalo are a family owned and operated business, and because of this we know and serve our customers with personal care and provide excellent service and top quality turf. 
John and Joyce, its founders, have a lifetime of farming experience, both coming from a background of generations of successful farmers. Now also their sons are carrying on the same family tradition of high quality turf services and turf growing partnering in the family business.

Whether your needs are large or small, near or far, you as Affordable Mr Buffalo's customer will receive the same high quality of service and turf that has made Affordable Mr Buffalo's business highly competitive and successful in the production and sale of quality turf for homes and businesses, and all other landscaping needs.

Professional landscapers, home owners and many others are among Affordable Mr Buffalo's large and expanding customer base, all finding that Affordable Mr Buffalo is the best choice for excellent turf at very competitive prices. There turf range consists of: 
Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo SS-100 PBR
Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 PBR
Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo
Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo
Wintergreen Couch
Greenlees Park Couch
Santa Anna Couch
Native Nara Zoysia Macrantha MAC03 PBR
Kenda Kikuyu

    A quote from one of our customers:
I always like to shop around before making a purchase, and when I checked out turf prices and products, I found that Affordable Mr Buffalo were clearly the best available. Since having my turf supplied, I've also discovered that Affordable Mr Buffalo not only have great prices, but Affordable Mr Buffalo also back that up with good advice and friendly service and my turf is still looking great four years later. Affordable Mr Buffalo helped me know exactly what turf would suit my needs, how much to buy, and how to prepare and lay the turf so that the results were great!?   John


Quality, value for money, good customer service, sound professional advice, and honest dealings that's Affordable Mr Buffalo. 
Call Affordable Mr Buffalo and see for yourself